Easter 2014

This year, we were so grateful to have both sets of parents and Tammy and Jonathan with us for the Easter weekend. On Friday we attended a Good Friday Service and Lord’s Supper at our church. This Lord’s Supper was the first time Jack was able to participate.
In February, Jack had a conversation with Doug about Grandpa Gran (my father’s father) and about where he was spending eternity. From this conversation we were certain Jack had a very real understanding of the gospel and his relationship to Jesus Christ. Since then, we have been talking with Jack about the Lord’s Supper and baptism. He experienced both on the same weekend.

Jack and his little cup of grape juice. When we ate the bread, he whispered, “That was delicious!”

Saturday morning was the big egg hunt at church. This is always a fun event for our church and the community. This year was a little less fun when Lucy completely disappeared for several minutes. She was found safe and sound hiding in the church playing with toys.

She’s serious about hide-and-seek AND chocolate.

We spent the rest of the day playing outside, napping, eating, and just enjoying our family.


He was getting tired.


The infamous Easter Squirrel. He chewed a hole in GramZ and Papa’s RV and then chased Papa across the roof when he tried to get rid of him. I wish I had a picture of THAT.


On Easter Sunday, our church meets in Raley Chapel on the Oklahoma Baptist University campus to have one big service instead of our usual three.


Doug leading worship

After a few songs, it was time for the baptisms.


Doug had the honor of performing Jack’s baptism.

Based on your profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I now baptize you in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirt.

Buried with him by baptism into death…

…raised to walk in newness of life.


I wonder what silliness Aunt Tammy and Uncle J are exposing my children to

After the service, we had some more family time followed by everyone’s favorite part of Easter: taking family pictures!





Aren’t they cute?


The official 2014 family Easter picture.



100% Stinker

One evening a couple of weeks ago, Lucy handed me this and told me she had drawn “Jesus on the cross.” There was so much hope in her little drawing. Hope that one day she will truly understand how much Jesus loves her. And the ultimate hope we now have because He didn’t stay on that cross. He really died. For our sin; in our place. And he really did defeat death and lives today so that in him, we also have victory and life. Thank you, Jesus.





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