Summer 2014

This is our last week of summer break. We will officially start school on Monday. Here is a recap of the Summer of 2014 minus our trips to San Antonio and Kansas.


Our first 2 weeks of summer included swim lessons for Jack at OBU. He is cautious by nature so he seemed to benefit from his time in the pool getting more familiar with the water. He had a very patient and knowledgeable instructor and he is on his way to being a more confident swimmer.


Keeping Lucy busy during swim lesson time was quite the challenge.  She wanted nothing more than to jump in with her brother. Next year, Lucy!


Everything is awesome!

We really enjoyed the local kid movie series at our downtown theater. This may have been their third time to see The Lego Movie.


Jack’s soccer coach encouraged us to sign up for soccer camp this year.


Again, Lucy wanted to be part of the action.


Jack with some of his teammates. He will start his FOURTH season of soccer next week!


That same week, Doug was at camp too. He spent his third year teaching at Resonate, a worship camp. He actually wrote an article about his experience.


A trip to the zoo. You can tell by their red faces that our kids don’t handle heat real well.


OBU sent Jack a back-to-school letter and some supplies. The brainwashing starts young.


Isn’t his Mii cute?

Did I mention the kids don’t handle heat well? Jack may have spent enough time indoors playing the Wii to beat Mario Kart.  He is a little too good at games.


I promise he didn’t play games all summer. He worked on a reading challenge as well. We didn’t exactly meet our page number goal because he read quite a bit out loud to me and that takes a little longer. We read The Indian in the Cupboard and The Mouse and the Motorcycle together.


Lucy did some light reading too. Here she is reading Jane Eyre.  She’s so advanced.


Although Jack’s birthday was in May and we went to Dallas with family instead of throwing a party, he really wanted a cake. After all, it is tradition to have Daddy make one. Plus, do you really need an excuse for cake? Our small group didn’t complain.


Yes, its a SPURS cake. He told us he wanted a basketball cake. A Spurs basketball cake. Doug tried to remind him that we are Thunder fans and Jack responded with, “Well, I’M a Spurs fan. Spurs win Championships.” Indeed.



A few of their friends had actual summer birthdays so we partied with them.


Can’t get enough pool time.


Nothing says childhood like party favors and Kool Aid mustaches.


The silly birds at our house decided to build a nest and hatch eggs in the summertime instead of spring. We enjoyed watching them. We don’t enjoy what they did to our porch.


It is the end of the ’99 Breeze Era. I finally said goodbye to the trusty car I paid cash for when I was 18 with my Sonic carhop tips. My roller blades from those days were still in the trunk. This car was our transportation from our move as newlyweds from TX  to OK and our honeymoon road trip to St. Louis. This car will be great fodder for conversations with my kids later. “You want a car? Well, when I was your age…”


Jack played T-ball for the first time. He was on a team with several friends. Go Rangers!


Fortunately, there were other little sisters to occupy Lucy during games and practices.


One last hurrah at the pool with friends. Summer sure is tough when you’re a kid.

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