A New Supply


Hanging in my in-laws’ house is an aged wooden plaque. It has always caught my eye for it contains a simple, poignant poem written by my mother-in-law’s namesake; her aunt Zona. The poem is a sweet reminder of the Christian legacy that exists in Doug’s family and now in my children.  I want them to know and be grateful for this great tradition they have been blessed to be born into.

A New Supply
by Zona Reiswig (my children’s great-great aunt)

When things go wrong and I get discouraged,
When I reach the valley of despair;
I need a new supply of Love, Lord,
And I know that someone cares.

When someone injures my ego, Lord,
And my thoughts turn inward to me;
Dear God, quickly burst my balloon,
And bring me to my knees.

When I get careless and unconcerned,
And hurt those I love so dear;
O Lord, forgive my thoughtless deeds,
And help me know that You’re near.

Fill my heart with Your wondrous love,
Make my life count for Thee;
Give me faith and trust that has depth,
So a blessing to others I’ll be. 

Then, give me a new supply of Love, Lord,
Not just infatuation;
Yes, a new supply of Love, Lord,
To handle the situation. ♥

Aunt Zona met her Lord in 2011, just 3 months short of her 100th birthday.

4 thoughts on “A New Supply

  1. awwwe That’s so sweet and your kids are blessed have awesome parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that all point them to Christ. Not going to lie, the first thing I though of when I read the title of this post was a milk supply #momlife #feedinganinfant #milkmaker

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