The Last of First

After out of state visits for job interviews and a cross country move immediately followed by a family vacation, I found myself STRUGGLING to finish out the school year with my first grader. The year had started out perfectly with all 36 weeks, 180 days mapped out, new curriculum, cute pictures, and even a mission statement. We would finish our school day before lunch and I ruled the world. The year ended with me looking at the clock and thinking, “oh no, we haven’t started yet and I have to get dinner in the oven.” Our last day of school officially ended on the third day of VBS, June 3rd. And we aren’t doing summer school. I didn’t take his last day picture until today (the 26th). Last year, I made a big deal about the last day and we did projects and played a game and took pictures and I let Jack pick out whatever he wanted at the store (Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch). This year, I chose to do absolutely nothing and prayed he wouldn’t notice. He didn’t. But, we made it. All 18o days. And I am blogging about it almost a month late. Second grade will be all about second chances.


His most recent picture showing off his missing tooth.


This year, we spent a lot of our writing time composing letters to friends and family. He officially has the best handwriting in the whole family.



This was our 100th day of school project.


I was very happy with our history and Latin curriculum. This was our first year to try Latin and Jack, no surprise, picked it up very quickly.


Yes. He wrote and can recite the Lord’s prayer in Latin. Memorizing does come easy for him, but he still works diligently. He memorized the second chapter of James this year and  is a true math whiz. He goes through his math facts flash cards faster than me. He also likes to do math problems in his head for fun. So that makes 2 children that are nothing like me.


I love you.

Love note for mommy. ♥

Our reading list this year:
Charlotte’s Web
The Chocolate Touch
The Magician’s Nephew
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Several Captain Underpants books (because we’re a classy homeschool) There is not much redeeming about this series in particular except for the fact that my super serious son will laugh and giggle out loud when we read about Captain Underpants and Professor Poopypants.
Several Animorphs books
The Phantom Tollbooth
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

He is a model student and and is forever asking questions and making connections. He learns and loves easily and I couldn’t be prouder of all he accomplished this year academically or otherwise. He is wise beyond his years and makes me look like I have my act together even when I’m failing. I cannot believe my first will be in second soon. Ego amo te, little man.

100_3440  IMAG0407

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