Bad Grammar

Jack declared this week that his favorite subject in school is grammar. I am also a fan of grammar. Especially the correct variety. Even though I’m not perfect. And I like sentence fragments. A lot.


This year, he has been memorizing, reciting, copying, and illustrating poems and he keeps track of new nouns, pronouns and adverbs by adding them to cumulative lists.


poem copywork


our textbook this year 

For this assignment, the instructions were to add the word “we” to his pronoun list.

Hmmm…I wonder what Jack is thinking about during school. Wii clearly have focus issues.

And then there’s this gem. In this activity, we read a story with a picture and then answered some follow up questions.


This picture portrays an idyllic multigenerational family baking session. The toddler is obviously not Lucy and is calmly sitting on her father’s lap immune to the allure of the copious amounts of sugar within her reach. Lets take a closer look of this charming scene, shall we?

Odd illustration close up

I have my own follow up question: WHY IS HE EATING HIS MOTHER’S ARM???!!!

No, really. WHY?!

And don’t get me started on teaching commas. Doug and I argue over the use of the Oxford comma. He has stopped using it completely and believes it to be archaic. I find it is necessary and when he doesn’t use one, I literally go insane.


But seriously.



I rest my case.

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