Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s 100th day of kindergarten!


the coffee stirrers don’t lie

And to start off the super-well-thought-out-creative day I had planned for the occasion, I took some cookie cutters to an Eggo.


thanks, Pinterest!

We had another important milestone on the same day: Jack learned the sounds on his last phonogram card. I have been amazed how well he has been doing this year. My phonics teacher told us that young children tend to pick up on the material quicker than adults. She was right. Did you know  “ough” has six sounds. SIX?! And Jack breezed through them all. (The “ough” in through is making its second sound /OO/).  (This is how my brain works now).


Seconds after we took this commemorative photo, Jack poked himself in the eye with his card and yelled, “OW!” To which I responded, “Great Job! You know the sixth sound!” Every moment is a teaching moment.  Oh, and Lucy wanted in the picture but didn’t want to stand still so I told her to “Freeze!” Which is apparently little girl code for “pretend you have ice powers like Elsa.”


Later, he wanted a snack. So I told him he had to earn it by counting out 100 Apple Jacks.  My first brilliant idea was to let the kids string 100 pieces of cereal on some yarn and make necklaces. But considering I had vacuumed the night before, the thought of Lucy running around with one of those gave me a mild anxiety attack.


so patient and precise


she made the border first on only 3 sides, then made 2 rows from right to left, then gave up and ate them


100 neon stickers on animal print. So chic.


Nothing motivates better than candy. For every missing number he filled in, he got to eat one.


he now salivates when we do math

I love this kid. He truly is a joy to teach.

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