Christmas Part 1

My 30th Birthday was December 20th. The kids were both recovering from pneumonia and the husband was being treated for the flu, so we rested most of the day and then ventured out to finally see Frozen.  I made myself my favorite “cake.” The recipe calls for an entire bag of crushed Oreos and a half gallon of ice cream. Hello 30’s. We are off to a good start. Doug’s birthday soon followed on the 23rd, so we went to see the Festival of Lights in Chickasha, OK to celebrate.  On the 24th, my parents arrived to spend Christmas with us. I always feel like I owe our Texas relatives an apology when they visit us in Oklahoma. “I’m sorry about the ice storm/blizzard/snowpocalypse.” “I’m sorry we had to spend all day hiding from tornadoes in the church basement.” “I’m sorry about that earthquake. Yes, we get those too.”


grandparents are always welcome here


Lucy's no fool, she knows where the gifts come from.

especially when they bring luggage filled with presents


We decided to go with a more grown up tree this year. This replaced our original fiber optic rainbow tree from our tiny apartment days.


Santa came! Jack thought he looked a lot like Grandpa Ricky. Lucy was smitten. Santa pulled Jack aside and told him a secret. Later, I asked Jack to tell me again who Santa looked like and he said very seriously, “I’m not supposed to talk about that.”


charming her way into more presents


just a little bit excited



its hard to say “no” to this


Jack liked reading the book so he was excited to watch the movie. Note the Rudolph ornament over Jack’s right shoulder.


Daddy picked out the dress all by himself. It was a hit.


Mario Party 9! Yay!


Lego LOTR! Yay!


my boys


why I am still finding glitter


Running shoes! How did you know?


I don’t know


This caption could read, “Lucy’s fancy sparkle shoes,” or “how the Rudolph ornament broke.” I also have a joke about the Thomas Kinkade wrapping paper, but it is too easy.


Jack’s first photo bomb!


I have already tried two recipes in my Homesick Texan cookbook. I truly am homesick for Texas. And the FOOD.  And all that family down there of course. I’m just glad I got those running shoes.


Lets take a nice picture…


…or we can wing it


My parents gave us the gift of a date night. The kids got a night out too at the hotel with the grandparents.  In my children’s eyes, there’s nothing better than a hotel swimming pool.

Spending time with loved ones for the holidays always reminds me that although gifts are nice, its the people and the relationships that really matter. Especially the one I have with my savior. He is the reason we celebrate.

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