Jack Lately

In the past month, Doug and Jack have enjoyed a couple of “boys only” outings. The first was a double header basketball game at OBU which began with a pizza dinner. Jack was in heaven.


eating pizza


Go Bison!

We made Jack’s OBU shirt for $3.27. Hey, we still support Doug’s alma mater. We bought the tickets, right?


those are some good lookin’ boys right there


He kept daddy on his toes all night with embarassing (and too loud) conversations on subjects that are usually inappropriate in public settings. Good times.

And last week, our homeschool group took a trip to the Oklahoma State Capitol building. Lucy had her 3 year wellness visit that morning, so us girls were on our own that day. (Our pediatrician told me that Lucy was very smart, but had control issues.  Doc, I KNOW that. And it didn’t take me 9 years of school to figure it out).


A very nice man in the building gave Jack a Jr. State Trooper badge/sticker. Jack told me he wanted to “keep it forever.”


the dome


Doug enjoyed taking pictures of the huge paintings and making up ridiculous back stories to go with them. If you love Parks and Recreation as much as we do, you will understand this.


And what boys only trip would be complete without a trip to Bass Pro Shop to do important things like look at guns and bows and buy old man candy?

Now for some recent Jack humor:


The other day, I walked into Jack’s room to find Spider Man like this.

Me: Jack…what exactly happened to Spider Man?
Jack: He looks funny this way

Child, “funny” isn’t the word I had in mind.


When I first glanced at this, I didn’t see anything unusual. However, my second glance gave me pause and I decided that snail looked awfully familiar…


…and thats why.

And we had this conversation about going to the dentist last week:
Me: Jack, you and Lucy are going to the dentist on Monday.
Jack: will he break all my bones?
Me: Um. No.

Jack and Lucy both did well and had no cavities. And nobody got their bones broken. So that was good.

Jack continues to be  (for the most part) a sensitive, compassionate big brother.  Whether it be defending her honor in the Chick-fil-A play place or playing “ice powers” upon her command request, he proves his love for his little sister daily. Of course there are sibling disputes, but these two really do like each other. He actually volunteered to put Lucy to bed tonight and brushed her teeth for me without me even knowing.


Sibling Love

Recently, when I was drying him off after a bath he declared, “It is SO cold! It’s like HISTORICALLY cold!”

Doug and I of course have added this declaration into our normal conversations. For example, it was so windy yesterday, Doug exclaimed, “It is historically windy today!” Or when we eat something really good: “This is historically good!”

I sure do love this kid.

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