So Thankful

Thanksgiving 2014: so so much to be thankful for but the highlight of this season of thanksgiving was welcoming our brand new nephew into this world. (King) George Nelson Hooper made his entrance on November 9th.  My baby sister has her first baby. I still can’t believe it. I couldn’t wait to meet him and that drive down to Texas was the longest one yet.



As soon as we told the kids the news, Lucy pulled out a piece of paper and doodled a picture she titled, “Me and Baby George.”


Less than a week old and they subjected my poor nephew to this. Welcome to the cult family, George.


Lucy and I holding George for the first time. My baby with my baby sister’s baby. So cool.



She’s not the baby of the family anymore. Uncle J helped with the transition.


The kids helped Grandma and Grandpa plant some tulip bulbs we brought from OK.  They will be maroon of course.

Luch and tree 2

They also helped set up the tree.

jack and tree


Having fun at the neighborhood park.



At Grandma’s, you can do whatever you want. Like sleep in the bathtub.

Jack without tooth

And when you lose a tooth at Grandma’s house, the tooth fairy leaves FIVE bucks. As Grandma told Jack, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Including tooth fairy pay outs.


One last cousin cuddle with George.



A few weeks ago, Doug and I went to a Switchfoot concert and had to wear our shirts on Thankgiving day to show our gratitude for good music. For some reason, I didn’t get many pictures with Doug’s family.  We enjoyed our visit with Doug’s parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.


Jack spent most of the day chatting with family and building robots.


all done


Lucy spent most of the day playing with cousins and doodling. Shocking.


We didn’t take any family photos this season, but we commissioned our little artist to create this Thanksgiving 2014 portrait. So thankful for family and for new additions.

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