We’ve had a lot going on this month, but its been filled with good things.


Jack and Miss Brandy

For the past few months, Jack has been in speech therapy.  He did not have any major problems, but needed some extra help . He was re-evaluated early this month and now he is right where he should be for his age. I’m actually going to miss my hour with Lucy in the waiting room every week.


Also earlier this month, Jack had his awards ceremony for his fall soccer season. The Phantom had a great season.


And the first Friday in December was our homeschool Christmas party.


As usual, it was a fun time celebrating with friends and playing games.


At some point, an epic “snowball” fight erupted.


Lucy decided she needed to make a snow angel in the midst of the chaos.


I absolutely love that Doug has Friday off and has been able to attend almost every homeschool event with us.


two redheads = double trouble


She definitely enjoys taking pictures with her friends. It’s a girl thing.


This is honestly the best picture I could get with them.



Music is always a big part of church this time of year. Doug and the worship team put together a contemporary worship night. I might be biased but every member of our team is incredibly talented at what they do. I’m not sure how many worship teams can handle TSO.


Last weekend, the kids were a part of the two night Christmas program at our church. Jack sang both nights with his friends along with the other choirs.


And once again, Jack summoned his game face and got it done.


Lucy (far left) in her church debut

Someone let the 3 year olds sing a couple of songs. Unsurprisingly, Lucy made funny faces, asked loudly if she could hug her daddy in between songs, and bothered the sweet boy standing next to her.


partners in crime


Whether it be putting together a fellowship or selflessly managing a choir, I’m grateful for the people who serve our family and our church so well.


Now on to birthday week and Christmas!

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