First Sunday

I’d be lying if I said our move went smoothly. The week before we left, Jack was treated for strep throat but was on the mend the day of our move. As we got on the road, it was pretty obvious that Doug wasn’t well and needed medical attention. We found an urgent care in Ponca City, OK where Doug tested positive for strep. We decided to stop for the night instead of trying to get there in one day because of the delay. The next day, we stopped for lunch somewhere in Kansas and heard from our realtor that we had an offer on our house that we accepted! Upon our arrival at our new apartment complex, we were greeted by a large group of people from our church who unloaded the entire Uhaul for us. This was a huge blessing and a perfect welcome. Our first morning in SD I woke up ill and tested positive for strep as well. I will always be grateful for Doug’s parents and brother who not only helped us move, but had to pick up our slack while we were sick. To say we couldn’t have done it without them is an understatement. As it turns out, Doug had to call in sick his first weekend and another leader was on the schedule for Palm Sunday, so his first official weekend leading worship was Easter.


Our church had three Good Friday services in the chapel.


First Sunday



Jack and I were asked to participate in a testimony time during the closing song. We had to finish the  phrase, “Because he lives…” Jack’s sign said, “I tell others about Him.” Mine said, “I go where He leads.”♥







Lucy’s first pair of heels. She burst into tears in the store when I suggested she pick out some flats instead. Someone once suggested that I should let her wear heels because it would slow her down. That was a lie.


We finished the day by relaxing and playing with some new friends.


Doug had a glorious day off on Monday so while Jack and I did school, Doug took Lucy on her first ever daddy/daughter date. Monkey came too. They went to the movies and saw Cinderella. According to Lucy, Monkey really liked it. Then, while Lucy took a nap, Jack got to go out with Daddy too. They bought Legos.


And even though it was a day late, we dyed eggs and baked a cake.


She was so over pictures.


Happy Easter! He has risen, indeed!

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  1. I am super excited for you guys. God truly works in amazing ways doesnt he. I am so happy for you guys I know that God truly will bless each and everyone of you as I am sure he has already in many ways. God Bless and Keep the Faith Alive.

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