Facebook reminded me today that it is Sibling Day. Today I am even more aware of the miles between my siblings and I and it made me sad. Still, I am super proud of both of them and and their current adventures.


This is my big brother, Bryan, and his family. Currently, they live in Doha, Qatar.



Here is a map for people who don’t know where Qatar is.

He and his wife work for a branch of Texas A&M University in Doha. They are quite the world travelers. They just returned from a trip to Singapore and spent Christmas in Japan. Last year they celebrated Christmas in London. I haven’t seen them in forever, but I am so happy for them and their chance at this amazing life experience. Someday I hope to join them for a visit and actually get out of the US.


This is my baby sister, Tammy, in the Texas bluebonnets. We didn’t get along too well growing up until we moved to Texas from Missouri. We had to share a room at first and we had no friends but each other so we were forced to love each other. We are very different. She is A-type, a CPA, soft-spoken, and a fashionista. And recently, she is a new mommy. And she’s a pretty great one. I get to see her soon and I couldn’t be happier.


This is still one of my favorite photos of us. In typical middle child fashion, I went my own way and didn’t graduate from Texas A&M like the other two. The Aggie cult is real.

Happy Sibling Day, Bryan and Tammy! I love you and miss you!

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  1. Awe such a sweet post! I miss you too and cannot wait to see you at the end of the month! That is one of my favorite pictures of us all too…Gig’em!

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