His 7th Birthday

Not only was Sunday Mother’s Day, but it was also Jack’s SEVENTH birthday! We both decided we were happy sharing our day with each other (having two cakes may have had something to do with that). Personally, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than celebrating the child who first made me a mom.



so sparkly

She made me this card at church.


Best. Day. Ever.


After the sacred Sunday nap, it was time to celebrate the best big brother in the world. Seriously. I caught him a few weeks ago reading a bedtime story to his little sister all on his own.


opening gifts


Daddy decided the time was right for a STAR WARS introduction. Because seven is a big deal. These are the moments you dream about before you have children.


He was so intrigued that he only asked about a gazillion questions. Every thirty seconds.


cake #2

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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