First and Last

May 23rd was our last day of school. This blog didn’t exist at the beginning of the school year or last school year, so I am posting this year’s pictures and pictures from Pre-K as well.


Our official first day of Pre-K for the 2012-2013 school year


little Jack

My happy four year old.


These are the books we read aloud to Jack the summer before Pre-K through the summer after Pre-K. We started the BFG by Roald Dahl because it was one of my very favorite books that was read aloud to me when I was in school. Then, we moved on to The Chronicles of Narnia because C.S. Lewis. We went straight from Lewis to Tolkien starting with The Hobbit. Obviously, Jack was too young for most of The Hobbit and LOTR, but he would patiently listen to me and ask many questions and I was pleasantly surprised how many great conversations we had while reading. We finished The Two Towers before we started Kindergarten. In between, we read many many many Dr. Seuss books.


Speaking of reading: This book worked very well for us and I highly recommend it. Reading and writing were definitely our focus for Pre-K.


And here are pics from our last day of Pre-K.


He practiced the last letter on the last day.


On to kindergarten!


First day of kindergarten for the 2013-2014 school year.




Lucy insisted on being part of the first day action this year.


“I hope you aren’t expecting a quiet school environment.”


My happy five year old.


working hard on his first day



I’m keeping this forever

Here is proof that we executed some super advanced science experiments this year. I think I’m the next Bill Nye.


Water can be a solid…


a liquid…


or a gas!


worksheets are not as fun as sitting next to boiling water


Yo, Millard Fillmore by Mark Alvarez was one of our favorite books this year. It  is essentially a long memory trick which helps you memorize all the Presidents in order.


Our reading list was much shorter this year because we wanted Jack to have the chance to read to us. With most of the books, we took turns reading out loud to each other. We started the school year with The Return of the King because we HAD to finish the series, and switched gears and read Charlotte’s Web. Then, we completely digressed with Captain Underpants. Next we moved on to a collection of stories about a vampire bunny named Bunnicula. We read Bunnicula, Howliday Inn, and Bunnicula Strikes Again. Finally, we finished the year with another of my favorite read out loud books from my own childhood; The Chocolate Touch.


the official school picture


four feet tall and 51 pounds

Last day of kindergarten! His favorite book from the year was Charlotte’s Web. I’m sure it had nothing to do with how much he loves his Grandma Charlotte or the fact that he loves the movie version.  I now have a huge man child that looks nothing like his first semester kindergarten picture.

Cannot wait for first grade!

Open House


Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how hard you have worked this school year. You not only exceeded our expectations academically, but the patience you showed your little sister (and Mommy some most days) exemplified a maturity beyond your five years. For your display, as most projects go in this household, mommy had the idea and your daddy implemented it.


The night began with dinner at Chick-Fil-A, where your daddy was saddened by the transformation of his beloved worship songs into restaurant ambient background elevator music.


sad worship leader


Here is your table at Christian Heritage Academy. I still cannot believe how much we accomplished this year!


There’s my handsome Kindergarten graduate!


During the student showcase, you were so brave and did so well in front of everyone. You recited the entire first Chapter of the book of James. This year, you have worked so diligently on learning each phrase and we have had so many meaningful conversations about Christian living as you pondered the meaning of each verse.  I hope and pray you will always hide His words in your heart. It is your weapon against the enemy, the lamp to your feet, and the light to your path.


This is the certificate our sweet Mrs. Buckhalter awarded to you-for demonstrating patience in accomplishing your Kindergarten work and kindness towards your sister.


After the showcase, you were so eager to show your work to your friends and discuss what you had learned. As always, your little sister was very interested in what you were doing. You two are quite the pair.


We celebrated the evening with ice cream, as our family often does. Although we are loyal Blue Bellers, its OK to settle for Braum’s once in awhile.


And the following weekend, you played your best ever in your last soccer game of the Spring season and scored TWO goals. We celebrated with a trip to Pop’s on Route 66.

Jack, no matter how great your accomplishments may be, wether in character, academia, or athletics, remember where your worth comes from. It comes not from what you’ve achieved or even by what you haven’t achieved. It doesn’t just matter what you do, it matters whose you are. You are ours. And most importantly, you are His. We love you and are so proud of you, little man.


Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s 100th day of kindergarten!


the coffee stirrers don’t lie

And to start off the super-well-thought-out-creative day I had planned for the occasion, I took some cookie cutters to an Eggo.


thanks, Pinterest!

We had another important milestone on the same day: Jack learned the sounds on his last phonogram card. I have been amazed how well he has been doing this year. My phonics teacher told us that young children tend to pick up on the material quicker than adults. She was right. Did you know  “ough” has six sounds. SIX?! And Jack breezed through them all. (The “ough” in through is making its second sound /OO/).  (This is how my brain works now).


Seconds after we took this commemorative photo, Jack poked himself in the eye with his card and yelled, “OW!” To which I responded, “Great Job! You know the sixth sound!” Every moment is a teaching moment.  Oh, and Lucy wanted in the picture but didn’t want to stand still so I told her to “Freeze!” Which is apparently little girl code for “pretend you have ice powers like Elsa.”


Later, he wanted a snack. So I told him he had to earn it by counting out 100 Apple Jacks.  My first brilliant idea was to let the kids string 100 pieces of cereal on some yarn and make necklaces. But considering I had vacuumed the night before, the thought of Lucy running around with one of those gave me a mild anxiety attack.


so patient and precise


she made the border first on only 3 sides, then made 2 rows from right to left, then gave up and ate them


100 neon stickers on animal print. So chic.


Nothing motivates better than candy. For every missing number he filled in, he got to eat one.


he now salivates when we do math

I love this kid. He truly is a joy to teach.