Lucy Was Here

All throughout our home and all throughout my days, the evidence that I have been blessed with the most precocious, beautiful, inquisitive, and adventurous little girl ever is overwhelming. She leaves her unique little mark wherever she goes. It is not a trail of destruction, but rather a reminder of how blessed I am to be her mommy. Also, choosing to laugh and take pictures has been very beneficial to my sanity.


I’ll bet George Foreman never intended for those little plastic trays to do anything else but catch fat drippings. He was too busy selling the grill to talk about the versatility of the accessories. Hey George, not only can it catch fat, but you can use it to hold office supplies as well! Its like two products in one!


he’s all tied up

Power Rangers look a little less intimidating when their weapons are adorned with neon hair ties.


When Jack runs into my room yelling, “Lucy’s doing something bad!,” it usually doesn’t bode well. I found Lucy in the middle of my kitchen with a plate of raw chicken I had been thawing in the fridge. Upon placing the plate onto the floor, she had preceded to pour the remaining contents of a canister of parmesan cheese onto one of the  breasts.  Yes, there is a second piece of chicken under the mound of cheese. She was also licking her fingers when I scooped this away from her.  Only 2 and already perfecting her Chicken Parm recipe. She’s so advanced.


I think every mom of little girls has clusters of small stickers resting on every surface of their home. I have so many pictures like this.


I couldn’t figure out how she was able to reach the candy until I saw this. Subtlety hasn’t been mastered yet. Thank goodness.


The best part of waking up…is mopping all this up!


I am always finding random objects inside books. This day it was letter tiles. Sometimes its coins, crayons, or small toys. Or stickers. Lots of stickers.


I figured out why her bedroom smelled overwhelmingly of peanut butter.


Apparently, the back of the couch is a great place to hide the culprit spoons.


What a great drawing, Lucy! I just have one small request for next time…


…could you use paper instead of the TV screen?


We refer to this as the Great Cinnamon Incident of 2013. I don’t like talking about it.


She loves helping her big brother finish his schoolwork.


Only those with discerning palates can tell you how good a package of Ramen tastes after it has spent some time in a boot prior to cooking.


Where I found the birthday candles.


it puts the cheese on its skin

Why you can’t let Lucy eat in the van.


I wonder who has been using these crayons?



Pumpkin decorating… She’s doing it right.


Eye shadow from brow to hairline really makes your eye look bigger.


I’m just happy for the help

Why my dishes are clean, but my floor is soaked.


Lucy taught herself how to draw hearts. So on every chalkboard, loose piece of paper, and dry erase board around the house, I have been finding her art. This stuff never gets old.



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