Goodbye in Pictures

We are settling into our new home and I finally had some time this weekend to download some photographs of our last few days in Oklahoma. These represent some of the hardest goodbyes we have ever made. We love and miss you all.


Jenna and Lucy


Lainey and Lucy


Hayden and Jack


Lucy and Marshmellow


Love you, Kiah Papaya! Sorry Doug ruined this picture. Before she was Doug’s band mate, she was my co-worker and friend. So many memories. So many IHOPs at 2 AM.


Lucy and Layla


Doug and his besties


The men of the worship team. And Lucy.


My girls


Pictures from our last Wednesday night at church.



They let Jack carry the flag on his last day.


Most of this group were all babies together in the nursery.


Our goodbye to our favorite pediatrician and nurse. They have taken care of my babies since birth.



Mrs. Buckhalter and Mrs. Williams were the mentors with the homeschool group we have been a part of for 2 years. If we achieve any level of educational success, it will be due to these selfless women.


Spontaneous Ashley treated me to a movie in the midst of the moving craziness. She and Michael are the best college ministers in the world. It’s true.


Last Sunday.



Grace and Jonathan were in our newlywed class back in the day and are part of our small group. And they will be awesome parents.


THE SONGWRITERS! Let the record show that I am Lindsey Compton’s #1 fan. Remember that name.


We go way back with the Rowlands. Thank you for giving my husband an outlet for his tabletop gaming. I’m forever grateful.


Me and Pretty Ruth




And more friends


Jack and his friends

Daniel and Lucy!



One last play date with Miss Catie.


We left the conversion van.



Kayla tried to come with us.


The last night in our first home. It was sad.



We had to stop in her hometown (long story) so Brittni was our last goodbye. Goodbye, Oklahoma!

First Season

Today wrapped up Jack’s very first season of basketball.  He’s found another sport he loves and we are sure this is the first of many seasons.


His first practice he insisted on wearing his Spurs championship shirt. I still thinks its funny that our kid from the OKC metro area roots for his parent’s hometown instead of the Thunder. Although he is still a Durant and Westbrook fan, but honestly, who isn’t?


Jack spent many hours practicing in his room with his trampoline and net.


The Nuggets were mainly first graders who played teams that were mainly second graders. It was a tough season, but I know Jack learned so much and played so much better later in the season.


Go Jack!


Not surprisingly, game time was serious business to Jack.


One of the coaches is on the worship team with Doug so it was sweet watching our kids play on the same team as well.


Clayton and Jack spot a foul.



Today they played their last game and received their medals. It was very obvious how much each player had improved. Jack told me his stats for the game were 3 rebounds, 3 points, 1 for 2 in free throws, 1 foul, and 3 assists.


We’re so proud of our handsome baller.



We are moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A place I didn’t even know existed a couple of months ago. We’re moving north after I told Doug I wasn’t moving anywhere cold and just assumed we’d end up back where we started in Texas.  Doug actually misunderstood the “SD” on the job posting and told me it was in San Diego. After a few rounds of phone conversations, interviews, seeking counsel, and prayer, we found ourselves on a plane during our Thanksgiving break to SD (South Dakota, not San Diego).  This trip was exploratory to visit the church and the community and observe the weekend worship services.


This was our welcome sign at the airport.


Sioux Falls has actual falls!


And we got to see them! They were frozen.


Our first picture in our new place.


Doug went by himself last month to actually lead the weekend services. Between the Saturday night service and the Sunday morning service, SF was hit with 8 inches of snow. Doug thought it was important I see this snowdrift.


I watched all three services via live streaming back in Oklahoma. All three. Because I’m a very supportive wife like that.

We were both welcomed back so Doug could lead again and the church could conduct an official vote. On Feb. 22nd Doug accepted the position of Pastor of Worship Arts at Central Baptist Church. Doug read his resignation letter last Sunday and it was my first time to hear it along with everyone else. I cried. It’s all so happy and sad at the same time. It sums up my heart and thoughts on this next step and I couldn’t add or improve upon it so I am posting it here:

Dear friends and family of Immanuel Baptist Church,
It has been an honor to serve here at Immanuel as the Associate Minister of Media and Worship.
I have had an amazing opportunity placed before me to be the main worship pastor at a large church in South Dakota. After several interviews and visits, as well as many hours of prayer and consideration, Lori and I have decided to accept the position of Pastor of Worship Arts at Central Baptist Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Our time here has been one of forging, sharpening, and sometimes even breaking. This has been our church home since Lori and I have been married, over eleven years and now with two children. Immanuel has given me an opportunity to grow as a Christian, husband, father, teacher and musician. Significantly, Immanuel was also key in helping me realize God’s call on my life to be a pastor and worship leader.
From playing bass in the Living Christmas Tree on Main Street, to leading the ninethirty service for over five years, from being a college student to teaching college students, from young married to father of two, God has been using this place, this church, this family, to make me more like Christ. That is the highest compliment that I, that anyone, can give.
My family covets your prayers as we embark on an adventure to the high plains of the Midwest. And I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it is very cold. But there is a great church there doing great ministry in a growing community and I fit their needs as a worship leader and pastor.
I cannot communicate to you how dear you are to our family. You will always be precious to us, close to our hearts and we will treasure the memories of our time together. Thank you and may Christ fill you with all wisdom and knowledge for His name’s sake.
In Christ,
Doug, Lori, Jack and Lucy Hurt

I happened upon this article online. I’m hopefully optimistic that it’s all true. Especially numbers 14 and 18.

21 Things You Need to Know About Sioux Falls.


House For Sale


– 3 bed/2 bath 1340 square feet, open floor plan, huge (almost 1.5) acre corner lot on super quiet street
-easy access to I-40 and north Shawnee retail
-move in ready, appliances (except washer/dryer) and riding lawn mower to stay with reasonable offer
-non smoking/non pet home
-won’t last long at asking price of $115,000. The best home in this price range.


Brand new exterior paint and fixtures


Brand new 10X12 storage shed


master bedroom


master bath with brand new paint and fixtures


walk- in master bath closet



Bedroom #2




bath #2 with brand new paint and fixtures



Bedroom #3



Pic shows large dining area and large laundry room in background (moving boxes everywhere so I have to use these pics instead)


open living room with built-ins and brand new floors

Bye Bye, Rich Man

This week during our Bible time in the book of James, Jack said he wanted to illustrate part of the passage we had been reading through.


The verses were James 1:10-11: But the one who is rich should take pride in his low position because he will pass away like a wild flower. For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich man will fade away even while he goes about his business.


Here is the rich man with his three gold coins. He is fading away like a wild flower.


And here is the sun. The grey line around it, I was informed,  is the “scorching heat.” The blossom has fallen.


God is represented by the cloud and he is telling the rich man “Bye Bye.”


On February 7th, we made a heart cake and celebrated his first spiritual birthday. Today we talked about having a hard heart and a soft heart. I am so proud of him and how he grows in his walk with the Lord everyday. I see the fruit in his life already of his soft heart and pray it will always desire to obey His word. I LOVE THIS KID!

It’s Only FOURever

I promise I did not choose my daughter’s birthday party theme. She came up with it all on her own. The conversation went like this:

Me: Your birthday is coming up. What kind of party do you want?
L: Hmmm….
Me: What about Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty? Or a princess party. We could even have a Merida party!
L: I want…a Labyrinth party.
Me: You do? Are you sure?
L: Yes. I want a Labyrinth party.


Our creative, gorgeous, imaginative, energetic, brand new four year old.


With the absence of premade Labyrinth party supplies, I once again had to recruit Doug and friends to pull it off. I love the owl Doug drew for the invites.


Look, its David BOWie! Thanks to Felicia for making this for the birthday girl and thank you Catie for the pun.


And thank you Etsy for giving me the option of owning these earrings.

100_4117 100_4121

The food table included gummy worms, (poisoned) peach rings, Ludo’s rock candy, Helping Handi-snacks and everyone’s favorite, Bog of Eternal Stench punch, which tasted a lot like a chocolate milkshake. The favors matched the theme as well. For the girls we had plastic jewels (oooh, plastic!) and eye shadow to practice that glam look. For the boys we had a mini labyrinth game.


When asked what she wanted on her cake, Lucy insisted on Jareth.  Always the student, Doug went online and watched videos on cake painting. I’m thinking this medium is a nice addition to the Daddy-makes-the-cake tradition.



Enjoying some of the calm before the storm. The grandparents and Uncle Todd were able to visit for a few days.


Jack Hurt: world’s best big brother


Uncle Todd reads her a book before guests arrive.


This door knocker welcomed the guests.


These two came in costume. Love it!


She definitely enjoys her real new camera. She’s been staging photos ever since.


The kids solved mazes and decorated masquerade masks. She was pouting because she ran out of pom poms.



Singing and cake time.


It’s a piece of cake.


Baby K came dressed like baby Toby. Her mom said it was unintentional but I’m not buying it.


Present time.

labyrinth11 labyrinth13

Photo time.

labyrinth16 100_4109 labyrinth17

I loved planning this party and loved celebrating her. Thank you to everyone involved on this special day.

Lucy Was Here Part 3

Today is Lucy Valentine’s fourth birthday. It truly feels like a milestone. Four years. We made it. And we all still love each other. In honor of this important day, I have another installment of Lucy Was Here. Also available in the series is Part One and Part Two


This is how she dressed herself for a doctor’s appointment one morning. And that’s how she looked in public. Some battles are not worth fighting.


Lucy does very well drawing whatever she wants so it was no surprise she started copying letters on her own. This was her first attempt at tracing letters. Now I have two kids with better handwriting than me.


I guess Jack’s game play wasn’t very exciting.


Lucy saw a collage in a book we were reading and asked if she could make her own. I cut out some magazine pictures for her and then gave her free reign of the glue. My sister is a collage queen so I guess it’s in her blood.


Sweet Daniel may never want to come over again. She actually talked him into painting her nails.


Lucy asked Doug to draw a picture of Elsa. Then she colored it herself. I think they make a great team.


“Mommy, I’m STUCK!” Which all parents know is code for, “grab the camera.”


After an overnight stay in a hotel, this mysteriously appeared on her bedroom door.


She is aware that it’s trendy to wear your baby so she improvised with her hoodie.


She likes to keep Joseph close to her in her plastic pink purse.


I told the kids we were going to bake and decorate cookies, so Lucy added her own supplies.


And after the cookies were done cooling, I came back to this.


This is how she watches Brave.


The kids were laughing maniacally in  the living room which is never a good sign.  She had incorporated her underwear drawer into our home decor.


She had a hard time explaining how a glob of strawberry yoghurt ended up behind my nightstand and nowhere else.


Lucy’s first attempt at stained glass.


We decided the groceries were better off in my fridge. Her electric had been shut off.


You can always tell when little sister has been in her brother’s legos. The teddy bear and happy kids seem to be enjoying their ride on the killer dragon.


“Look what I can do!”


And a Lucy post wouldn’t be complete without a massive glitter mess. The glitter was hidden up high out of reach and she still found it. We’ve since invested in a glitter safe.


Photo by Tasha York

Happy Birthday, Lucy! For four years, our lives have never been the same (or boring).


Field Trip #2

Our second field trip of the year was to the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum in Seminole. The kids love this place and we brought Miss Catie along because Doug was out of town and she needed a day off from teaching 2nd graders. Although I wouldn’t call making sure my kids didn’t get lost in a a sea of children a day off, but she’s special like that.


Lucy LOVES Catie.


Holding them tight before the chaos ensued.


They really dug the excavation exhibit.



Lucy “Grease Monkey” Hurt


Technical Jack running through the clipboard checklist. This car was in good hands.



Kid-sized stores are a lot less stressful than our typical grocery trips.



She’s always judging us.


We made some art expressing our disdain of Doug’s absence. Well, Lucy painted a heart. We heart this place and we heart our dear Catie.

A New Supply


Hanging in my in-laws’ house is an aged wooden plaque. It has always caught my eye for it contains a simple, poignant poem written by my mother-in-law’s namesake; her aunt Zona. The poem is a sweet reminder of the Christian legacy that exists in Doug’s family and now in my children.  I want them to know and be grateful for this great tradition they have been blessed to be born into.

A New Supply
by Zona Reiswig (my children’s great-great aunt)

When things go wrong and I get discouraged,
When I reach the valley of despair;
I need a new supply of Love, Lord,
And I know that someone cares.

When someone injures my ego, Lord,
And my thoughts turn inward to me;
Dear God, quickly burst my balloon,
And bring me to my knees.

When I get careless and unconcerned,
And hurt those I love so dear;
O Lord, forgive my thoughtless deeds,
And help me know that You’re near.

Fill my heart with Your wondrous love,
Make my life count for Thee;
Give me faith and trust that has depth,
So a blessing to others I’ll be. 

Then, give me a new supply of Love, Lord,
Not just infatuation;
Yes, a new supply of Love, Lord,
To handle the situation. ♥

Aunt Zona met her Lord in 2011, just 3 months short of her 100th birthday.

New Year’s and Christmas Again


New Year’s looked a lot like Christmas. My parents didn’t have a chance to visit until afterwards so we had our second Christmas. I don’t think you can have too many Christmases. Or take too many pictures of my kids.


Again, here is our sparsely decorated tree ready for Christmas Part 2.





She really loves her Legos.


A basketball goal for his room. This is going to end well.


Lucy as Cousin Itt Rapunzel.



For New Year’s Lucy went to bed and then the rest of us played a riveting game of dominos. Jack became more focused as the night went on. We paused the game to watch the ball drop and kiss and drink fancy sparkling juice from beakers. Because we’re classy. The domino game didn’t wrap up until 1:45AM. Not only did Jack stay up that late, but he kicked our butts and won the whole thing. Two hours into 2015 I lost the mom of the year award as I sent my six year old to bed at 2AM.  Oh well, there’s always next year.